• In Minnesota, the number of people experiencing homelessness is up 10% but the number of homeless individuals seeking help has drastically decreased since 2015.

• 51% of homeless in Minnesota are children aged 17 and under.

Did you know . . .

For $12 you provide a clean set of clothes to someone in need.

For $5 you gift a toy to a child for the holidays.

For $3 you provide a hygiene kit to someone in need.

For $29 you ensure that an individual has shelter for the night.

For $10 you provide dinner for a week to someone in need.

For $X you help make your community a better place.

Connect To Care's Mission:

To provide everyone a chance to be the change in their lives and empower themselves to carve their own future.

Our Team

Rushil Desai
About Me:

I’m driven to innovate the nonprofit space to make a positive impact in my community.

About Me:

Hi my name is Dylan Yang and I’m one of Co-Founders of Connect To Care.

Alec Dusheck
About Me:

I want to use computer science and business to make the world a better place. 

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