We help better the conditions of homeless individuals by providing them a platform to rebuild their life. Our goal is to work with homeless shelters throughout Minnesota to provide needed supplies and services at no charge and to create new and innovative programs to assist individuals experiencing homelessness.


Goal: Provide needed items and supplies to homeless shelters and individuals.

Connect To Care provides necessary items and products to homeless shelters and individuals at no cost. We accomplish this by crowdfunding, unique campaigns, special programs, and events. We also negotiate and work with companies to obtain donations and products. We are able to provide shelters with more supplies while spending less money by maintaining a large network of shelters, assessing their largest needs and buying wholesale to keep product prices low. Our method benefits small businesses overseas and effectively uses donations to maximize our impact.

Goal: Connect adept volunteers with those most in need of their services.

Connect To Care provides comforts and necessities that every individual deserves and needs like basic grooming and health services. Not only does this prepare individuals for the work-force, it also lifts spirits and benefits mental health, the first steps towards rehabilitation. Connect To Care uses our diverse set of volunteers with unique skills to provide services to homeless shelters and individuals and to power our own programs.

Goal: Provide younger generations with opportunities to get more involved in our community’s well-being.

Connect To Care works with students and kids of all ages to educate them about issues in our community, specifically homelessness. We work with schools and clubs to provide volunteer opportunities and learning opportunities. Many of our programs are student powered and rely on student volunteers to make a difference. Involving kids and students at a young age creates a mindset of selflessness, kindness, and generosity that will last a lifetime.