We know. Technology is hard for non-profits.

At Connect To Care, we believe technology can change the course of how non-profits achieve their goals. At Connect To Care, we've successfully utilized technology to completely overhaul our volunteer experience, increasing reliability and ease-of-use. We did all of this for no cost at all.

After observing other non-profits, we saw how many do not have the time or expertise to expand in these fields. Due to this, we launched a program to assist other non-profits to utilize technology to better achieve their mission.


We have vast experience in Google GSuite, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Azure. If your non-profit needs help, don't hesitate to contact us.

Need a custom solution?

Custom software for non-profits can cost thousands and take months to complete. Connect To Care has a staff of volunteer software developers who develop high-quality in-house software for us.

If your non-profit can make use of our resources, let us know. We'd love to develop custom software solutions for other non-profits.