Rushil Desai  (LinkedIn)

I’m a passionate technologist who solves business and social problems with a consumer-centric mindset.

I’m driven to innovate the nonprofit space by harnessing the intersection between business and technology to, ultimately, make a positive impact in my community.

Ideation, empathy, and driving partnerships are my core strengths.


Dylan Yang  (LinkedIn)

Hi my name is Dylan Yang and I’m one of Co-Founders of Connect To Care. Back in 2016 my partners and I had the idea for starting a nonprofit that benefits homeless people. For the next 2 years we struggled A LOT with legal documents and visited homeless shelters to figure out their needs, and in 2018 we were finally registered as a 501c(3) nonprofit. 


Apart from Connect To Care, I currently attend school as a senior at Eden Prairie High School. I’m also an avid runner and swimmer as members of my schools athletic teams, a NY Giants fan, an amatuer golfer, and a penguin collector.


Alec Dusheck  (LinkedIn)

I want to use computer science and business to make the world a better place. I co-founded a non-profit named Connect To Care to raise awareness of youth homelessness. We run various programs to help our local Minneapolis homeless community. While working there, I've managed several projects, including our end-to-end volunteer platform. and have been deeply involved in application design and development.